Orange Is the New Green

By Greg Shapiro

Looking for employment at a Dutch company? Greg Shapiro takes you behind the scenes for a unique peek at the bizarrely revealing rituals known as ‘Dutch corporate events’. Though a comedian, he gets some lovely, candid snapshots of Dutch companies in the raw. And the results are not what you might expect. For example, many Dutch companies are greener than you’d think.

For instance, the Dutch team from TU Delft regularly wins the World Solar Challenge – a solar car race across the Australian desert. As opposed to the Netherlands, where a solar car would be worthless 300 days per year. He also spoke at an event at TU Eindhoven with Tom Selten, the Dutch entrepreneur who’s busy building the world’s first solar-powered family car, the Stella. “We were there to encourage would-be entrepreneurs that clearly no idea is too crazy to try out in the Dutch market.”

Greg Shapiro
2017 Autumn

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