No Kidding

As the author says: “I always make clear to my clients, either in mediation or in cases in which proceedings are to be started, that the children are the most vulnerable parties in a divorce and that they should not be forgotten. I remind them that they, as parents, have a parental responsibility to take care of their children and to make arrangements that are in their interest.

In expat situations, it might sometimes be difficult to focus on the interest or welfare of the children, but an effort must always be made to do this. Child abduction is never the solution. Nor is keeping the expat mother, who always took care of the children, ‘hostage’ in the Netherlands on a very, very tight spousal alimony. The interest of the child should be the aim; this principle is embedded in many law systems – as expats themselves also know.”

Edith van Ruitenbeek
2015 Summer

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