New European Rules on Matrimonial Property

By Yolanda Bokhorst


Isn’t it wonderful when you meet the love of your life? And when you then decide to make it official, by getting married?

For a marriage to be valid, you have to enter into it in accordance with the formalities of the country in which it is being carried out. Of a different order than this romantic, festive day is the question of which rules actually apply to spouses.

What belongs to whom and who is liable for the debts? Does everything automatically belong to both of you – or is there a separation of assets? How are the assets and debts divided in case of divorce or death? And if you don’t have the same nationality, or if you live in a country other than that of your joint nationality, which law is used to answer these questions?

The answers to these – and a few other questions – are discussed by the author. 

Yolanda Bokhorst
2019 Spring

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