Humania: About Head, Heart and Body
Have you ever rolled through a hugging machine? French kissed with giant tongues? Or used an aging machine to see what you will look like in 20 years’ time? In the brand-new Humania exhibition at NEMO in Amsterdam, you can discover how your own head, heart and body work – through self-tests, games, museum objects and personal stories.

Science Comes Alive
NEMO Science Museum is the place where science comes alive. Humania explores the countless aspects that combine to make you who you are: from your name to how you celebrate your birthday, from your flexibility to the cells that make up your body. You can discover all kinds of things about yourself in 40 exhibits. Find out for example how strong your willpower is by holding the cooling elements in your hands for as long as you can, test how agile you are or measure your reaction time.

2019 Winter

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