This article goes into the implications of an expat career for the marital property regime of spouses.

Whereas Dutch people often do not know the contents of their prenuptial agreement, or, if they do not have a prenup, what they are entitled to according to the law, expats often do not even know which law applies to their marital property regime (MPR), especially if they have not drawn up a prenup.

As a family lawyer, the author knows that expat families are often not aware of the challenges that accompany an international career – for experience shows that almost one out of two expat relationships fail. Which is why it is imperative that expats are aware of the several ways to end a marriage, or that at least this information is accessible to expats. Especially when it comes to the implications of their expat career for their marital property regime (MPR), preferably before they become caught up in a divorce.

Edith van Ruitenbeek
2016 Spring

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