More Than a Pile of Bricks

Of course we know that a house is much more than a pile of bricks. Real estate agents, in general, tell you that three things matter where the value of a house is concerned: location, location and location. However, in divorce mediation and legacy mediation, it is often very clear that a house is, above all, a pile of emotions.

As a family lawyer and mediator, I am well aware of the fact that an arrangement regarding the marital dwelling is almost always one of the challenges spouses have to deal with in a divorce situation. Mediation or collaborative divorce offer the best conditions for creating a win-win situation –  sometimes in collaboration with a notary, as for expat clients it might be favorable to make a (new) marriage contract regarding the choice of the applicable matrimonial law, in order to create the best outcome and/or to make it possible for one of the two to stay in the matrimonial home.

Edith van Ruitenbeek
2015 Winter

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