Mental Health Care for Expats

Expats are considered privileged people who lead a life of luxury. Even more so, now that many of the practical challenges of living abroad have been removed, or at least, made smoother. Many organizations hire the services of relocation experts who help expats arrange practical things like housing, schools, etc. Yet, the emotional challenges of managing day-to-day life in another country, culture and language continue to play an important role and can have a significant impact on an expat’s well-being abroad. Jeanine Souren and Magda van Nellestijn, of U-center, a Mental Health Care Center, see this every day. U-center has an in-patient facility in Maastricht, Limburg, and an out-patient facility in Driebergen, in the center of the country. The professional staff of their International treatment team consists of native (English) speakers who are from a variety of countries and/or have international experience, making them well-suited to support expats who are faced with psychological or addiction issues abroad – not only in the Netherlands. Furthermore, as U-center has entered into contracts with the large expat insurance companies as well as state insurances of various countries, this means that treatment at the center is covered. Apart from the more typical expatriate related issues, the center also supports people that come in with burn-out, depression or addictions, as well as ‘international’ children.

2015 Summer

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