Managing Change, a Valuable Skill for your CV

By Deborah Valentine


“Succeeding in Change – Agility and Change Management” was the title of a networking event – Hague Hub – organised by the International Leadership Academy and OPCW in The Hague earlier this year.

One way of doing this, the author argued at the event, is to ensure that you have people who are experienced in managing change within your team – with skills and expertise in manoeuvring the expected, but more importantly, the unexpected. This, within any ‘international community of expatriates’, is a golden resource – for there is one constant, in the constantly changing lives of people on the move, and that is change. Even those who move only once, from one country to another – even in some cases, one part of a country to another –  have already succeeded in navigating a change process. And, along the way, probably learnt far more than any textbook or classroom is likely to teach.

2019 Autumn

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