Leeuwendael Animal Clinic

When you move to another country, there is often another very important member of the family who comes along: your pet. And you want to be sure of two things: one, that you will be allowed to ‘import’ your furry (or not) companion and two, that it will receive the best possible care in your new home country.

“Pets are very dear to everyone, but sometimes even more so to families that have moved to another country. When you walk through your new front door and your pet is there waiting for you – you know you have come home,” Saskia Engmann tells. Saskia is a vet who runs the animal clinic ‘Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael’, which counts many expats among its clients. The clinic has two locations, one in Rijswijk and one in Voorburg, allowing you to visit whichever is most convenient for you, though the one in Rijswijk, being larger, has the actual operating room facilities.


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2018 Spring

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