Post Plaza

As mentioned on page 30, Leeuwarden is one of Europe’s Cultural Capitals this year, which will be celebrated not only in the city itself, but throughout the whole province.

Once you are in Leeuwarden, where to eat and sleep? Post Plaza of course.

After being decommissioned, the Post & Telegraafkantoor, as it was once called, stood vacant for a while, until it was transformed into a convention centre. Unfortunately, the impressive old building had lost much its charm and function by the time it was purchased by its neighbour, by far the best hotel of the city, Post-Plaza. It was subjected to a gigantic renovation, under the guidance of top Architect Paul Stevens, and connected to the existing hotel. In the old Post Office, they built 40 rooms and a large Grand Café. This is now, only six months after opening, the hotspot of the city – with a great atmosphere, great food, great wines, and all at very reasonable prices. Herman Schreuder is the ‘GM’ running this show of excellence.


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Nico McGough
2018 Spring

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