Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam

Whoever thought that riding your bicycle could be so complicated? That it required not just motor skills and traffic awareness, but also social and emotional skills?

If you grew up riding your bike in some other less-bicycle-friendly country, then you will almost certainly experience some challenges as you attempt to navigate the traffic snarls in Amsterdam. This new book helps to prepare readers for the multitude of unexpected traffic and personal situations that you might encounter as you place your foot on the pedal and swing your way onto the Amsterdam asphalt.

Accompanied by dynamic, entertaining and illustrative photographs by Kevin McPeake and Shirley Agudo – both well-known for their snapshots of life on a bicycle – the book is a must-have, wherever you decide to take your two wheels for a spin!

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam is for sale at www.hollandbooks.nl


2017 Winter

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