It All Began At Home

Chef at was born out of a love for food and wine, and as the name suggests they can cook everywhere (Chef at… you fill in the blanks). Chef at brings the fine-dining experience anywhere you want them to. They transform your living room into a restaurant for the night, with a top chef cooking in your own kitchen. You and your guests can just sit down and enjoy a menu of your choice, made with only the best, organically-produced, seasonal products. And every course is accompanied by a wine Sebastiaan personally selects from the collection of Bosman Wijnkopers, together with their sommelier Robert Pham. Bosman is the award-winning, organic wine specialist in The Hague.

All the dishes are made with passion and that doesn’t go unnoticed. How great is it, to have a chef cook wonderful food in the comfort of your own home – and clean up the kitchen, while you and your guests lean back after dessert. The only thing they leave behind is a memory never to forget (and some business cards).

Nico McGough
2017 Spring

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