What Does International Understanding Mean for ISA?

For over 50 years, the International School of Amsterdam has educated the children of expat families from around the world and now serves over 1,350 students, ages 2-18, from more than 50 countries.

When ISA adopted its mission over 20 years ago, it wanted to ensure that the final statement reflected the three fundamental aspects of the school’s offerings – education, internationalism and understanding. The three parts of the mission – whilst important within their own right – when brought together, represented the core element of what the school was about; inspiring a diverse community of students to view the world through a more global lens, so that they could both learn and live with purpose.

For students at ISA, learning within the classroom is linked to the realities of the real world and to their own personal experiences. For primary age students, this may involve participating in one of the school’s Mother-Tongue language sessions – where teachers encourage parents to come to school to read traditional stories to a class in their own native language. These mother-tongue sessions allow ISA students, at a very early age, to recognise the value of different languages and to gain an appreciation for different ways of communicating in a global society. For older students, the interdisciplinary themes used throughout their lessons promote engagement and discussion of the world in which they live and show them how each, in their own way, can contribute to it.



2016 Spring

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