International School Utrecht

A Community Learning for World Citizenship


A group of staff members, students and parents recently reviewed the school’s Mission Statement. Together, they came up with four equally important pillars that underpin everything at International School Utrecht.



We are a close-knit and welcoming community of students, staff and parents. We all approach life from a different culture and background and with the languages we know. We find each other in our common goal; to create a stimulating learning environment in which everyone feels at home. We strive to be culturally-competent; we are grounded in our own cultures, yet curious about others.



We communicate across cultures, using music to form strong bonds. That is why we offer an exciting music programme accessible to all students and connected to the rich music tradition of the city of Utrecht.


Physical and Social Environment 

We give special attention to the physical and social environment we learn and work in. We value and care for the natural world and model responsible behaviour. Our learning environment is one in which every person can express themselves safely and freely.


Virtual & Real World 

We use technology in an innovative and sensible way to enhance our teaching and learning experiences. We appreciate equally the value of sensory and tactile experiences. We approach the virtual and real world as one, behaving consistently as we are move from one to the other.”


2019 Spring

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