As the world gets smaller through our ability to travel and with the increased use of social media, being an internationally-minded citizen has become an essential part of our ability to succeed in life and to contribute positively to the world we live in. Accepting and appreciating different cultures – and indeed our own culture – is one of the important tools we need to have in our tool box. So how do we teach this in school? Encouraging students to be open-minded and assisting them in developing their linguistic skills are some of the ways to help with communication and understanding. As an inclusive school, American School of The Hague offers a broad range of educational services to students whose needs range from a dedicated special needs program, to some greater or lesser degree of learning support, to an enrichment program aimed at helping them reach beyond the curriculum. With such a diverse student body, which includes peers from up to 80 nationalities, students quickly learn to embrace diversity in themselves and in others. Teaching a level of global awareness and stimulating an open attitude are essential elements of international-mindedness.

2018 Spring

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