How to Buy a House in the Netherlands?


Finding somewhere to live is the main concern of expats when they arrive in the Netherlands. Buying a home is certainly an option and may be even more interesting than renting. But there are conditions attached and customised advice is essential.

These are the words of Susan Mulders, mortgage advisor at ABN AMRO International Clients in The Hague. “Did you know that the procedure for buying a house here is different from the way it is abroad? In other countries, you often need to apply for a mortgage before you start looking for a house. But in the Netherlands, it’s the other way around.” It is exactly these differences between countries and clients that make her work so varied.

Every country has its own laws and regulations, including when it comes to buying a house. “Most clients are highly educated and are clued up about financial matters. But exactly what the rules are on buying a property in the Netherlands, that’s a different story. And that also applies to opening a bank account or taking out insurance, for example. That’s why advice is so important, and in a language you understand. Many of my colleagues here and elsewhere in the Netherlands have lived and worked abroad themselves. We therefore know from experience the obstacles that expats encounter.”

2015 Winter

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