How to Be Well Insured in the Netherlands

Have you just arrived? Welcome to the Netherlands. Life here may take some getting used to. You will notice many differences from what you are accustomed to, such as the language, culture and food. But also the way of banking and how insurances are arranged. ABNAMRO will gladly help you manage your financial affairs, so that you can have an enjoyable and carefree time in the Netherlands.

The average Dutch person has eight different insurance policies. That sounds like a lot, but insurance is relatively cheap in the Netherlands and is compulsory in some instances. So for a small sum you can insure yourself against what are sometimes sky-high costs. What insurance do you need? Take a look at, where you can also easily take out the policies you need yourself. And if you have any questions, theirexperts will gladly give you tailor-made advice, based on your personal situation. In English, of course.

2015 Autumn

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