How Can ‘Significant Others’ Land Successfully?

Indeed. A crucial question for anyone who accompanies, or joins, someone on a relocation anywhere. We, at ACCESS in the Netherlands, want to draw attention to the efforts of our Patron, TU Delft’s Dual Career Services. We have known for quite some time that they were on the right path – and the feedback from those who have been on that ‘path’ is confirmation of this belief.

Four core elements that are the focus of this knowledge-sharing initiative have contributed to its success. These are: cultural and linguistic awareness when preparing and strengthening your CV; the job application process; knowing what to do and say in network situations and when faced with introductions; and sharing tips and experiences with others in the same situation. In the hands of professionals, this programme enables participants to feel confident when dealing with their new life and career goals in the Netherlands.

Having a series of comprehensive workshops – with sufficient time in between to network and practice their new skills – gives the participants the best possible start in the Netherlands.

Deborah Valentine
2020 Spring

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