Houses in Multiple Countries

Thanks to the economic crisis, a lot of houses are for sale, at often attractive prices. So once the decision is made to stay in the Netherlands, the step to buy a home here is no longer such a large one.

There is a lot involved in buying a house and arranging its financing. And when this has to be arranged in a country that you do not know well, in a language that you do not master sufficiently and according to rules that are new to you, then you need to be on the ball.

Caught up in all that comes with purchasing a home and moving into it, people often forget to consider what will happen to it should they pass away. Who has a right to this property? What are the consequences for the mortgage? And, if they are not of Dutch nationality, which law applies to the inheritance of the property and the accompanying mortgage? And as if that were not enough, many expats have another house or apartment in their country of origin. Does a different national law apply to this property?

Yolanda Bokhorst
2014 Winter

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