Hidden Defects

In a number of the articles in this issue of The XPat Journal, the authors have focused on the challenges posed by defects in the property you have bought or rented. The matter of how to deal with these can sometimes be straightforward, but sometimes it can be a little foggy. In this article, we take a look at ‘hidden defects’: defects that are not immediately apparent.

If it turns out, after you have purchased your house, that there are a number of things that are not in order, you will have to ask yourself what type of ‘defect’ you are dealing with. In principle, you buy a house ‘as is’ – meaning: including all visible and invisible defects – and the premise is that you, the new owner, are responsible for all that comes with your new home.

If an invisible defect is considered serious, however, it can qualify as a ‘hidden’ defect – and there are situations in which the former owner can be held liable for the consequences.

In this article, you can read about what to do and what to expect – and how the realtor can help you – in the case of hidden defects, both in rental and purchased property.

Stephanie Dijkstra
2014 Winter

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