Helpling – Household Help Is But One Click Away

If you have come to live here and find yourself on the road or in the office all day – or if the thought of tackling those heaps of dust, cobwebs, mud tracks or sticky stove tops gives you a headache – then the time has come to find someone to help you with your housekeeping.


This is not an easy task, in a new country. Back home, you would call friends and family and see who they recommend. Someone is bound to know someone who will not poison the environment by using liters of Clorox, will not have parties in your apartment when you’re gone for two weeks, and will leave the family jewels and loose change where they found them.


How do you go about finding a reliable, discreet and conscientious cleaner, if you don’t speak the language, don’t have a network and need a quick solution?


Visit and here is one worry can scratch off your list: this practical, headache-free approach will allow you to close your door behind you and rest assured that when you come back home from the office, your appointment, or vacation, you will find your home as you love to see it: clean, organized and with everything still in it.

2019 Autumn

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