Gouda is a lovely city to walk through, thanks to its reasonably compact size, historic buildings, clean appearance, car-free center and pleasant atmosphere. But there is one more detail that, if you fail to look up, might have you missing out on a colorful and playful aspect of Gouda architecture: the decorations on the traditional façades. These include coats of arms, surprised-looking individuals, portrayals of artisanal crafts, reliefs of nuns, and depictions of hope, love and belief (religion). All in all, Gouda is a very artistic city, with unique stained-glass windows, illustrations on the floor of a torture chamber, decorations of façades, and an art collection, however modest, that is on a par with the best museums.

Don’t miss the chocolate factory, the cheese shops and Weigh House, Museum Gouda, the Resistance Museum, the Town Hall, the town square, the harbor – and so much more!






Stephanie Dijkstra

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