Going to University

For those seeking an English-language study program, the Netherlands is one of the most accessible countries to explore, for a variety of reasons.

For starters, over 2,100 courses are on offer here in English, constituting 23% of the bachelor’s degrees on offer here and 74% of the master’s degrees. Another reason why studying here is so attractive is because the level of education is high, with some faculties ranking higher than world-famous universities across the world, while tuition is relatively low.

There are almost 86,000 non-Dutch nationals in the Dutch universities, from 170 countries, 27% of which are outside Europe. When it comes to bachelor’s degrees, 53% of the international students go to a research university and 47% to a university of applied sciences. While the percentage of international students is 11.5 of all students in the Netherlands, they constitute 23.6% of all students obtaining a research university master’s degree.

This article provides an overview of the Dutch higher education system, as well as practical information on tuition, scholarships, selecting a university, admission requirements, degrees, choosing a university,  useful websites, and more…



Stephanie Dijkstra
2020 Spring

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