From the Point of View of… Ruby Vos

In our first interview, I asked Ruby to describe the Dutch in five words. With characteristic care, she gave the question some thought before answering: “Open-minded, liberal, frugal, environmentally and socially conscious and good business people.” What are five words she would use today? This time, Ruby does not need any time to think it over: “The Dutch are innovative – the things that we have seen happen in the last 20 years are amazing, and they just keep going!; progressive; appreciative of their society; open-minded; and this is a multicultural, multilingual society.” Is it still a safe country for people to live in? “Oh yes,” she answer, “and I really do relate that to the fact that the Dutch are highly-educated, progressive and innovative, and to the multicultural, multilingual environment. They are open-minded to new things, and are finding that the world is coming to them and they are loving it! That makes this a very pleasant, and safe, country to live in, no matter where you are from.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2018 Autumn

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