From the Point of View of… Kalindi Soni

Kalindi Soni didn’t go from rags to riches, she went from riches to rags.

“I’ve learned that when you’ve gone from having everything that you could want, to having nothing, to being able to build it all back up again – it gives you a kind of confidence; that you can do pretty much anything. You have to work at it, but you can achieve it. The most important thing, really, is teamwork. To have good, kind people around you. It is such a big aspect of life, that people don’t even realize that it’s going on, half the time. Another thing I’ve learned, despite the things that happened in life is that I don’t think anybody’s all bad, or all good. If you look well, you’ll find good in most people. You have to look for it, find it and appreciate it. Once the barriers come down, you realize we’re all human beings who want similar things out of life. I think we have a lot to gain from each other.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2015 Winter

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