From the Point of View of… Ana Fernández

“I like to believe that everyone has wisdom that we can benefit from. Also the people in that little village in Spain, who have never gone beyond its boundaries; what they know about finding happiness in life it at least as valuable. I want to go through life with my eyes open and without judging. That way I enjoy more, I learn more – and besides, who am I to think I have enough information to judge, anyway?”

“Being an interior decorator is very rewarding: it appeals to my need to take in a situation, to find out what changes are needed and help make them happen – but most of all I love creating the intimacy that allows me to find out who my client is so that I can have a positive impact on their life. Every time I am about to present the finished product to my client, I feel a certain tension inside, like before going onstage. Will they like it? Will it feel like home? And then, when I see the expressions on their faces as they take it all in – the ‘wow, this is cool’ – then it feels so good… helping them find a place they can call home is an emotional journey that really suits me; it makes me happy to make people happy.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2015 Autumn

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