From the Point of View of… Albert Dolmans

“I decided that if I painted full-time, I could probably make a living off it, so I quit my job. Through the huge network I had in California I was able to arrange a lot of exhibits and I have been able to live of it – albeit carefully and with no extravagances. To me, it was more important to keep on painting than to buy a new car. I never did feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. The only Jones I kept up with needed was my long-time friend, Rodney Jones. He was an aeronautical engineer, and every now and then, I would fly somewhere and meet up with him, and we would make our way across the United States, while drawing and painting. Looking back, I can say that I am glad I made the life choices I did. I have always enjoyed my work. Life has been super.”

This Summer, Albert Dolmans has an exhibition in The Hague, at Kunstzaal Van Heijningen (, from July 8 till August 8.

Albert’s i-book version of his book “Painting is my Life” can be downloaded free from the iBooks Store.

Stephanie Dijkstra
2015 Summer

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