Frank’s Smoke House

The name might make you think, Oops, is this a decent place for a nice person like me? – as the combination ‘smoke’ and ‘Amsterdam’ does tend to point you in a ‘certain direction’. But we can confirm that Frank’ s Smoke House is one of the most decent places in the culinary world of Amsterdam. So please, drop by.

The planning and development took two-and-a-half years. Getting the new place open was very challenging for Frank, Thomas and the smoke house team, but well worth it. The new deli, café and restaurant opened in mid-July 2017 and has been very well received by known clients as well as the neighborhood.

The smoke house shop and delicatessen is where it begins. The café and restaurant are directly connected to the shop by the large open kitchen, and provide a variety of seating areas for guests where they can enjoy all ‘in-house produced’ foods and well-chosen drinks. The color code includes light grey walls and floors, darker and warm grey couches, wooden table tops on one side and marble on the other. The food is presented on nice, off-white plates with a thin green line, to be eaten with elegant cutlery – giving a classic touch to the modern interior.

In charge of the warm hospitality is Micaela Bartels, and Frank’s Smoke House is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, six days a week. This shop, café and restaurant is a passion-driven business. Frank’s goal is to share his passion for good food, craftsmanship and the art of hospitality.

Nico McGough
2017 Summer

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