Education for Expatriation

In 1986, a red flag was raised by a Counsellor at the American School. There were troubles in the community. Troubles which needed a response. A gap in services which needed a solution.

The starting point was, of course, to define what the gaps were between what the expatriate community lacked and what it needed in order to feel more settled in the Netherlands – and how this could be attended to. Among the recommendations made by the researchers, was the establishment of a Committee to make an inventory of what was available in English and to ensure this was communicated – and accessible – to expatriates in the Randstad area: hence the name ACCESS (Administrative Committee to Coordinate English Speaking Services).

Through the ACCESS Trainer Network (ATN), professionals offering a variety of learning opportunities are gathered in one place – their website – in order to offer their skills to the international community. Members of the ATN are professionals who offer services in the form of courses, workshops or coaching that are suitable and/or designed for internationals living in the Netherlands. Members are selected, screened and approved by ACCESS, based on our experience in the interests of the community – and are part of the home support resource kit for internationals relocating to the Netherlands.

2016 Spring

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