Dutch Lessons in Rotterdam Museum

Tornante Trainingen finds traditional language lessons in a classroom to be too one-sided for students. That’s why they also teach Dutch through organised practical activities in and around Rotterdam. This is a powerful concept, as “Rotterdam is hot & happening and learning Dutch needs to be fun”.

Tornante Trainingen students recently visited De Doelen Concert Hall and Congress Centre for a practical lesson. The students were given an extensive tour of De Doelen, visiting the foyer and hall, but also backstage, the soloist’s room and the stage. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen also proved to be a great place to learn Dutch. The leisurely pace and individual attention meant that there was plenty of space to improve students’ language proficiency while becoming familiar with a museum.

Lia Trum, owner of Tornante Trainingen: “Practical experience supports classical learning and contributes to improved language proficiency; it simply makes things easier to remember. Ultimately having fun is a huge factor in learning something new, successfully.”


2015 Spring

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