Dutch Corporate Culture Backstage

By Greg Shapiro


When it comes to Dutch employment, Shapiro takes you behind the scenes for a unique peek at the bizarrely revealing rituals known as ‘Dutch corporate events’.

“Granted, I’m just a comedian, but I do get some lovely, candid snapshots of Dutch companies in the raw.

One of the major innovations on the Green Tech trade floor was a vertical greenhouse that could be hidden in an average shipping container. Why would you want to hide a life-giving greenhouse in a shipping container? Don’t mention it! …Obviously, this innovation came about due to weed being illegal. And yet – some of the event attendees saw the exhibit and started considering growing tomatoes on the container ship as they’re being transported. Someday soon, you might be able to enjoy fresh tomatoes delivered fresh off that container ship. And you can thank the stoners for that. But not out loud.”



Greg Shapiro
2019 Autumn

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