Come Fly with Us

By Richard Laribij

My first introduction to general aviation was during the time I lived in Cyprus. I had always been fascinated by aviation; even as a kid I used to sit in the back seat of the car, staring up at the sky as we passed Schiphol on the A4. However, flying an aeroplane myself seemed fantastical and close to impossible – as it probably does to most people. My luck was that at the time, in Cyprus, almost 20 years ago, I met a pilot who was offering flight lessons.

Since I live in The Hague, I joined the Rotterdamsche Aeroclub as it’s conveniently located at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, which is just under 20 kilometers from The Hague. RAC, formed in 1926, is the oldest aeroclub in Europe, fully-certified and recognised by the Dutch Aviation Authorities to act as a pilot training facility. If you always had the fantasy of learning how to fly or if you are simply interested in aviation, I invite you to contact us so that we can meet in the RAC clubhouse at the airport. There is a cozy bar and there are always pilots around to provide you with information or arrange a trial flying lesson. I would be delighted to personally meet & greet you, and guide you through and assist you in getting you your pilot license!

2017 Spring

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