Building Communities

The relationship between health and community has never been so exemplified as it is in the very popular ACCESS Childbirth Preparation Courses. No, ‘expats’ don’t have babies differently than other expectant couples around the world; rather, they give birth far from home, in an environment where the approach to pregnancy and birth may vary from what they are used to, in surroundings where myths may prevail, and where the language is ‘alien’. The thrill of discovering you are expecting – especially if it is your first child – outside your home country can soon become anxiety as you wonder: How does the system work? Who can you turn to for support? Will it be like at home; like your own mother, sister, and friend experienced pregnancy and birth? How will you communicate your fears and expectations and how will you understand your caregivers at crucial moments, if you do not speak the language? Should your family come over for the birth? What will those first few days be like?

2015 Summer

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