Building Bridges

For their regular columns in The XPat Journal, ACCESS, in 2017, will focus on how it represents, informs and manages the expectations of the local community and its service providers about internationals. In keeping with this advocacy role, ACCESS has recently partnered with three other leading members of the international community and launched a foundation, the International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP). With this initiative, ACCESS, together with DutchNews, Amsterdam Mamas, and ABC’s project ‘English Books for Dutch Kids’, aims to provide an independent forum that collects and reflects the views of the international community on issues affecting them. It is a research-based foundation that will reach out to the international community in different ways.

They invite you, readers of The XPat Journal, to sign up to the ICAP mailing list if you also wish to have your opinions heard on any of these matters. Rest assured your details will only be used to share surveys and update you on the results.

For more information about ICAP, or to subscribe to the surveys or submit findings, please visit or write to

2017 Spring

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