In the past, wine bars were unknown in Holland. London, Paris and New York boasted great places to sit & sip. But here in Holland it was not so easy. Bit by bit, the wine culture has opened up, with an increasing amount of wine bars offering great wines at good value.

A new name is Bouzy – for the English-speaking fraternity quite amusing as the name is pronounced ‘Boozy’. In this case, however, the name does not refer to booze but to Bouzy, a tiny wine village on the Montagne de Reims, in the heart of the Champagne district.

Bouzy, the wine bar, has been open since mid-September and is run by Martijn Verbruggen & Stefan Verleer – both vintage 1981 and with deep roots in the wine and food world. For their location, they chose the ultimate wine (hot) spot, directly beside one of Holland’s very wine shops Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton, on the corner of the Denneweg and the Mauritskade. Bouzy can seat 45 guests for a glass or two, but also for some nice food. The interior is open, cosy and simple. A rough cement floor, rough red brick wall, lots of small square wooden tables fit for two or even four, and benches alongside the windows with large cushions. Of course, great wine glasses from the Austrian specialist Riedel are on each table.

Nico McGough
2015 Winter

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