Banking in the Netherlands

The BSN, the Burgerservicenummer or Citizen Service Number, is a unique personal number that everyone in the Netherlands must have. It is something like what in other countries is referred to as a Social Security Number, Citizen Service Number, or Social Fiscal Number. Launched by the government in 2007 to streamline communication between Dutch residents and the government, you now need one to open a bank account or arrange health insurance – in fact, for lots of things you will do when you live here.


Regardless of how long your stay will be, you will get a BSN when you register with the municipality (the gemeente) where you will be living.


Getting all the right documents for settling here can seem like a challenge, and Payingit can explain how the system works. Also, you can request a form to use their address as your address in order to apply for the BSN and open a bank account (with IBAN). Keep in mind that this can only be for a period of three months. And if your hirer or employer uses our Payroll Umbrella Services, Payingit become your legal employer, whereby they use your BSN to deposit your salary into your account. Visit their website for more information.

2019 Autumn

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