How to Bank in the Netherlands?

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands? We wish you welcome. It may take time to get used to life here. You will notice that a lot is different from what you are used to: the language, the culture, the food. But also the way of banking. We would like to help you find your way around financially in the Netherlands. In a way that suits you and in a language you understand.  Welcome to the Netherlands. Welcome to ABN AMRO. Experts in expats.

First Things First: A Dutch Bank Account

The first thing you need in the Netherlands is a current account with a debit card and a credit card. Your employer will deposit your salary into this account, and you will need it to shop and to pay your rent, for example. Opening a current account is easy and you can do this at ABN AMRO even before you receive your Dutch citizen service number (BSN).

Once your account has been opened, you will receive a complete package to manage the account: a debit card, a credit card and tools for online banking. And did you know that in the Netherlands you can do all your banking online from your computer, tablet or smartphone? Our Mobile Banking app can be also set to run in English, German or Spanish.

More Than Just an Account

Once you have settled in, you may have other needs or questions regarding your financial situation. You may want to ask about insurance, savings or investments, for example. Or maybe you need a loan. And possibly you are considering buying a house. Did you know that this offers you interesting advantages? Our experts will gladly provide you with advice that is tailored to your personal situation. In English, of course. Or in one of the 25 other languages that we speak.

International Clients Desks

Our staff will be glad to help you with information and advice on all your financial matters. They know the rules and legislation governing expats and many of them either come from outside the Netherlands themselves or have worked abroad. They are therefore aware of the financial problems that you may encounter, but also know how they can resolve them for you. Banking with ABN AMRO also means banking in a way that suits you, on a device of your choice, 24 hours a day: through our International Clients Desks, by telephone, via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. That’s how to bank in the Netherlands. At ABN AMRO.

More information?

Please visit to find out about banking in the Netherlands.

Or call 0900 – 8170 (you pay your usual call charges set by your telephone provider) or  +31 10 – 241 1723 from outside the Netherlands.

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