Stephanie Dijkstra

Stephanie Dijkstra is a Third Culture Kid in every possible way. Raised in four countries on five languages by Dutch/American parents, both of whom also grew up in several countries, and having visited more than 30 countries before she reached the age of 18, the world is her home. Having spent her childhood explaining each parent’s culture to the other and translating the multilingual gibberish that she was used to for the benefit of non-family members, she is very pleased that these two survival tools have turned out to be something with which she can earn a living. In an attempt to become mainstream, she got a Master’s degree in Law followed by an MBA, but soon owned up to her thorough disinterest in a commercial career and, the minute the opportunity arose, pursued her true passion: anything to do with words and people.

Stephanie is Editor-in-Chief of The XPat Journal

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From the Point of View of… Sonia Sin

Sonia Sin’s first steps into entrepreneurship were when she founded Service at Work, here in the Netherlands: “I’d be traveling every other month: to Egypt, India, South Africa, Asia – and of course buying all these things that I liked!… read more >

From the Point of View of… Kiri and Leonidas Kikis

When you first meet the Kikis brothers, you are struck by their almost old-fashioned deferential demeanor; polite, gracious, and gentlemanly, they shake your hand, open the door for you, offer you something to drink, and enquire as to whether you… read more >

Providing for Unforeseen Events – Insurance

Owning ‘things’ brings not only pleasure, but sometimes also headache. What if there is a storm and a tree falls on your house? Or what if the pipes burst on a freezing winter’s night? And how about that lovely iPhone… read more >

From the Point of View of… Frankie McCoy

Frankie McCoy has been living among the Dutch for too long. Her office is freezing and when I put my down jacket back on an hour into the interview she says, “Oh dear, I forgot to turn on the heat!”… read more >

From the Point of View of… Brad Taylor

As Brad Taylor, Physical Education teacher, strides down the school hallways, the students respectfully make way, but with a smile. He addresses them in English – for he teaches at a bilingual school – and, depending on how confident his… read more >

Deciphering the Dutch Health Insurance System

Medical insurance is one of those matters that the Dutch have devoted particular thought to – meaning that the outcome is characteristically complex. It is a topic that requires some discipline to decipher, yet it is also a very important… read more >