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Robin Pascoe is the editor and founder of news and information website Before launching, Robin worked for the Financieele Dagblad, news agency ANP and the BBC. Not to be confused with the Canadia Robin Pascoe who writes books about expat life, this Robin is British, married to a Dutchman and has two sons in their 20s.

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Back to School

While there is a well-documented shortage of places at some international schools, a survey in Amsterdam last year showed that what most parents really want is help in getting their children into a Dutch school. International schools provide a great… read more >

Home Is Where the Bath Is

The Netherlands wants to encourage start-ups, keep its international students and be a magnet for global talent. But we seem to be incapable of coming up with a solution to the shortage of housing for people on lower incomes. Scarcely… read more >

Your Good Health?

One of the worst things about being a foreigner in a strange country is dealing with illness, particularly when you are confronted with a health system which differs from the one you are used to back home. Earlier this year… read more >

Dreaming of Home

We’d all like to live in a luxury flat in a smart part of town with a reasonable rent – but most of us can’t, writes editor Robin Pascoe. Of course we foreigners all want to live in the… read more >

A New King

If you are hoping for an overdose of royal pomp, glittering ceremony and all the crowned heads of Europe at the investiture of King Willem-Alexander on April 30, you may well be disappointed. The signs were ominous from the first.… read more >

A Slug’s Life

Being a homeowner in a country built on a swamp may not always be the wisest thing, writes editor Robin Pascoe. As I stand, once again, in our semi-basement kitchen with pump in hand, trying to get rid of… read more >

Votes for Internationals

It was extremely irritating in September 2012 to watch my husband and two sons head off to the polling station to cast their votes in the general election. There I was; a taxpayer, a homeowner and an entrepreneur with no… read more >