Nannette Ripmeester

Nannette Ripmeester is director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM). She is passionate about customizing solutions for international labour mobility.

Nannette holds extensive knowledge on what makes people internationally employable across the globe. Nannette is considered an expert on global mobility trends; a regularly invited international speaker and author on international job opportunities.

With over 20 years of advising employers, universities and governments on labour mobility, Nannette is one of Europe’s leading experts on mobility for study and work.

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‘So What Do You Do?’

The Power of an Elevator Pitch By Nannette Ripmeester and Sevi Christoforou Every job seeker has heard about the importance of having an elevator pitch ready, in case they find themselves stuck on an elevator with the CEO of their… read more >

Job hunting in the Netherlands

By Sevi Christoforou & Nannette Ripmeester There are currently abundant job opportunities in the Netherlands but, as with every country around the globe, there are some cultural norms that you have to take into account in order for your job… read more >


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” – is probably the best career advice to give to young people, and we have Oscar Wilde to thank for his wise words. But discovering and being yourself is not easy in this… read more >

Job Hunting Season in the Netherlands

There is a Dutch saying that goes “You have a No, but by asking you may get a Yes”. Remember this when you start looking for a job in the Netherlands, because in this small and crowded country, everything is… read more >

Cost Efficiency and Globalization: Expatriation on a Shoestring

It appears that the financial crisis is here to stay, and so is globalization – causing organizations to want to enhance the international character of their DNA. It is up to the HR and expat managers to make this happen,… read more >