Monique Brans

With 40 years of experience in rentals Monique Brans must be the oldest working rental agent in The Hague, but what is more important, she still enjoys the dynamics of it today. In 2009 Monique started her own Quality Rentals being an independent rental agent who is not committed to home owners, but solely representing the tenant throughout the entire rental process.

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Easy Living…

Although The Hague is a booming city for expats, there is no realistic market for high-quality rental properties that can provide easy living for busy executives. Currently there are more than 50,000 expats residing in The Hague. The iamexpat fair… read more >

Safety First…

When viewing a rental property, have you ever taken a close look at how safe (or unsafe) it really is? Expats tend to assume that safety regulations are the same all over the world, but Holland unfortunately stands out as… read more >

Hazards of Renting

Before actually signing a rental agreement, make sure you are aware of the contract terms and what could possibly go wrong! Bill and Tamara, a lovely Australian couple with three kids and a dog, were living happily in The Hague… read more >

Dream or Reality?

Could you find us a typically Dutch house in the city centre? We are used to a lot of space and do need three bathrooms, six bedrooms and a separate family room. A garage is an absolute must. We like… read more >

Hidden Defects

Expats who are looking for temporary accommodation can be challenged with unforeseen circumstances once they commit to a rental property. What you see is not always what you get, especially if the owner turns out to be a tad unreliable.… read more >


I remember raising my eyebrows when I first heard that question. I was viewing rental properties at the time with one of my expat clients. The house was not furnished and without any linen. I simply could not imagine what… read more >