Lisa Lipkin

Lisa Lipkin is a professional storyteller and the director of, a consultancy that helps organizations find and tell their stories more effectively. She is the author of Bringing the Story Home: The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents and the editor of five books of American poetry.
She lives in Amsterdam.



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The End of Optimism

I always believed that America’s greatest export product was its optimism. No country in the world could rival our ability to dust ourselves off and start anew. Despotism hadn’t etched itself in to our national psyches yet. We could still… read more >

A Storyteller’s Lens

“Stories are contextual. They begin long before a professional goal has been achieved, fueled by incidents that have deeply impacted the teller. Workshop organizers, who ask me to help women learn to convey their professional accomplishments more confidentially, usually overlook… read more >

Dead Ball Tennis

“Shit!!!!!” I screamed, as only a New Yorker can. Okay, so I was a bit loud. Big deal. I couldn’t help myself. The damn wind forced my cross-court shot to go wide and I was pissed off. My double’s partner… read more >

Audacious Foil

Most of my corporate presentations these days are fairly predictable and I suppose this one was no different – the room was configured in the usual way, with the long rows of chairs obediently facing the speaker’s podium, the huge… read more >

The Experiment

At first glance, people looked pretty normal. None of them wore Tea Party tee shirts or complained about Obama-care. Nobody touted the NRA, Michelle Bachman, or the repeal of same-sex marriage legislation. Even the casual banter was pleasant and surprisingly… read more >