Jacob Vossestein

Jacob Vossestein was born in Utrecht (1949), studied geography and anthropology. As a cross-cultural trainer, Jacob worked with expats posted from and to the Netherlands, with the Dutch military, and with international students. Based on work experience and worldwide travel, he wrote several books on cross-cultural issues, some in English, others in Dutch. After concluding his training activities, he now focuses on writing. In winter, he often writes in Asia. Jacob truly feels a world citizen and speaks several languages.
Books by Jacob:
•    Dealing with the Dutch
•    The Dutch and their Delta
•    several books in Dutch on cross-cultural communication, e.g. on working with Eastern Europe and with India
•    Present project: book on Dutch charitable foundation improving school facilities in Thailand’s northwest
•    Next: co-writing a book on Polish – Dutch business communication
Jacob prefers to not be on social media, but he will answer any mails sent to him through his website www.jacobvossestein.nl

Jacob talks about his book The Dutch and Their Delta on Youtube

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