Greg Shapiro

Gregory Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago.
In 2007 he went solo presenting ‘Comedy Central News’ and working with VARA HumorTV. In 2014-15, Shapiro tours with his 4th solo show ‘Part-Time Hypocrite.’ In addition, Shapiro brings over his favorite US / UK comedians to tour with him for ‘Greg Shapiro Presents.’ He has written for BNR, TimeOutAmsterdam and Shapiro’s book ‘How to Be Orange: an Alternative Assimilation Course’ is available internationally. Currently, Shapiro also writes and presents the weekly series ‘United States of Europe’ for

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Old School, Now Trendy

My two kids both went to Waldorf School in Amsterdam. In Dutch it’s called ‘Vrije School’, which translates to ‘Free School’. I don’t know why they call it ‘Free’ because it’s based on the philosophy of a rigid 19th-century German… read more >

The Dutch Put the ‘Social’ in Housing

To learn about Dutch society, sometimes all you need to do is rent Dutch property. My first housing in the Netherlands was a brand new building, fully furnished, and a total accident. The place had been bought by a Dutch… read more >

It’s a Crazy Job Market, But It’s My Job Market

I came to the Netherlands to work. My friends from school were setting up a comedy theater, and – unlike anyone in the US – they were offering me a job. That’s how I got started at Boom Chicago. I… read more >

Sint vs Santa

As an American who’s been living in the Netherlands for almost 20 years, I’ve noticed a growing conflict between Sinterklaas and Santa Claus. More and more, Christmas seems to be taking over. “Oh no,” say the Dutch purists, “American commercialism… read more >

Dutch Bedside Manner: ‘You’re Dying.’

I’ve read that a positive mental attitude can boost your health. Dutch research seems to have concluded it’s better to admit we’re all dying. Perhaps it’s because many Dutch people pride themselves on their directness. Back home I learned, “Don’t… read more >

From iPads to English, Are Dutch Schools Becoming American?

Have you ever been to one of those Dutch historical museums, where you can see Dutch classrooms as they existed years ago? I visit one every day. It’s called ‘My Kid’s School.’ While Dutch society may be progressive in many… read more >