Edith van Ruitenbeek

Edith van Ruitenbeek is lawyer and partner at van Hilten de Vries van Ruitenbeek Advocaten & Mediators in The Hague. She specialized as a family lawyer (VFAS) and mediator (NfM/ ADR international register) and as a collaborative divorce lawyer (VvCP). She studied Mathematics and Law. She is married and has two adopted sons.

Specialties: divorces with international aspects and/or entrepreneurs; cases where financial aspects as well as human aspects matter; second opinions on marriage contracts or alimony calculations.


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No Kidding

As the author says: “I always make clear to my clients, either in mediation or in cases in which proceedings are to be started, that the children are the most vulnerable parties in a divorce and that they should not… read more >

It Was Yours and It Was Mine:

Given the fact that one out of three marriages ends in divorce and other relationships are at an even higher risk of coming to an end sooner or later, it might be wise to keep this eventuality in mind when… read more >

Labour Market, Marriage and Divorce

How economically independent are you? Who is financially responsible for your children’s happiness? These are two questions that pop up in my practice as a family lawyer all the time. After a divorce, men are in general financially better off… read more >

Castle, Bird’s Nest or… Pitfall

Sometimes you want a castle, sometimes a bird’s nest and sometimes just a safe roof for a limited time, but what you certainly don’t want is a pitfall. The question to buy or not to buy can therefore not be… read more >