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Annebet van Mameren is founder of New2nl

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When Does My Child Start School in the Netherlands?

And What Happens Next?   By Annebet van Mameren   To these seemingly simple questions, there are surprisingly no simple answers. In this article, Annebet van Mameren talks you through the procedures and practicalities, to make sure your child gets… read more >

Bilingual Schools

A Good Option for Your Child Who Doesn't Speak (Fluent) Dutch? By Annebet van Mameren   In the almost six years Annebet van Mameren has been advising international parents on the most suitable schools for their children in the Netherlands,… read more >

A Year of Immersion Before Going Dutch

By Annebet van Mameren   More and more international families relocating to the Netherlands. While previously most expats received an extensive relocation package from their employers, these additional benefits are no longer standard. As you can imagine, not everyone is… read more >

The Dutch School Attendance Law

By Annebet van Mameren Last year there was a lot of commotion on the playground of a small town in the south of the Netherlands. What had happened? A family from the school had gone skiing and had posted some… read more >

Special Needs Education in the Netherlands

In general, the Dutch education system works very well, but because of its unique features and many different types of schools, a lot of international parents have a tough job identifying the right school for their children. This job is… read more >

Should You Choose an International Education

Before enrolling your child at a school, you’ll have to decide whether to send them to an international school or ‘go Dutch’. Both have their own advantages, and in this article, the author explores the differences. The author goes into… read more >