ASH Ex Libris

Back in the days when books were rarer and more expensive commodities than they are today, it was common to mark your books with a label bearing your own name and ¨Ex Libris¨, which means “from the library of”. While not as common today, some true bibliophiles still use these labels.

At American School of The Hague (ASH), they count up to four libraries, three in their Main Campus and one at their purpose-built Early Childhood Center. The Mission: to help students develop a lifelong love of reading and learning and to become competent and ethical users of information as well as media-savvy, digital citizens, and to encourage them to become contributing members of the global community.

The school does this by offering students a safe, welcoming, and inspiring environment for self-organized reading and learning during breaks, as well as before and after school. Knowledgeable librarians and teachers collaborate on research lessons to integrate content with information literacy.

Lesley Murphy
2017 Winter

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