Applying for Jobs

The mobile lifestyle can make looking for a new job quite challenging. In this article, Diane Lemieux looks at ways of highlighting your expat skills and knowledge in your job application process to your advantage.

In today’s job market, employers make a short list of applicants based purely on certain key words they are looking for. As an expat, how do you get your talents recognised? Career counsellor and executive coach Akkie Okma has a suggestion based on her approach to job application skills training.

“In an application process, employers may not recognise the value of the skills and experiences you have. It is your responsibility to tell them, in as compelling a way as possible, what you can do and what you have achieved.” Especially if you do not have the precise experience they are looking for, you need to be able to show that you have the exact skills they require. To accomplish this, here is a three-step process for preparing to apply for a job opening.

Diane Lemieux is co-author of The Mobile Life: A New Approach to Living Anywhere,

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Diane Lemieux
2015 Autumn

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