Albert Dolmans

An American-Dutch painter, that’s what Albert Dolmans calls himself. This was confirmed when I visited his atelier in Rotterdam. His entire oeuvre seems to be divided in two: warm paintings with a lot of ochre and purple, as opposed to cool, controlled, fresh-colored green and blue paintings. The first set of works, such as The Ranch, were created in the US, the second, such as Zeeland, in the Netherlands. The landscape in which Albert finds himself at a particular moment, hands him the colors for his palette. And those are quite different in California, than in the Netherlands. Precisely because he spent a great deal of his life in the US, Albert was able to view the Dutch landscape through the guileless, pure eyes of a child or a newly arrived foreign visitor. This allowed him to actually see that which the average Dutchman takes for granted: the extraordinary, archetypal sight of the polders, dunes and the North Sea – with their often relentlessly straight horizon and high skies; the stage for an ever-changing display of cloud formations.


2015 Summer

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