The Future Is Here

The potential we see at ACCESS, among the available (international) talent already here in the Netherlands, is simply mindboggling. In this, the Employment issue, we could not help but reflect on our own volunteers, in the context of locally-based employers searching for international talent.

In a contribution to pre-election debates earlier this year (February 2017), the ‘Talent coalition Netherlands’, made up of regional expat centres as well as NUFFIC and the NFIA, raised several issues relating to the Netherlands’ competitiveness. Among these: how the country needed to ensure that available international talent was capitalised upon. In truth, they were referring to (among other factors) the efforts which could be made to retain the talent (international students) being trained in the country. At ACCESS, we would add to that particular group: the partners of the international talent already working here. For they, too, are a capital gain which should be considered – for several reasons.

2017 Autumn

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